Kolmas horisontti - Coaching

The goal is work pleasure!

Coaching auttaa löytämään ratkaisuja ja pääsemään tavoitteisiin, olipa tähtäin huomisessa tai  viiden vuoden päässä.

Supporting mid and late career professionals in career transition to find a clear path ahead

  • I used to enjoy my work but have somehow lost that feeling. My work does not inspire me anymore and I feel stuck
  • Do I want to stay in my present job for the rest of my working life? But what is the alternative? Where to start and where to go?
  • After a long career already behind me, am I too old to start something new?
  • When is the right time to retire? And then what?
    When doubts and questions fill your mind you need somebody who can support you to clarify your thinking, find your own path ahead and get back your confidence and joy of work.
  • You have all the knowledge and resources to find out what is best for you. As a coach I want to help you get to where you want to be. Working with me you will:
  • Know yourself: find about your strengths, values and priorities – what you must have in your career to be happy and motivated
  • Dream and explore/Open up and reframe your thinking: Discover new perspectives, learn about and explore opportunities
  • Define what you want: set your own priorities and goals and start acting on them
  • Accept the uncertainty : feel more confident to proceed and find ways & tools to handle the transition


My clients tell me coaching has given them practical steps to proceed and peace of mind in the middle of the transition turmoil.