”Coaching auttaa...”

What to expect from working with me?

Free introductory session to get started

  • We talk about your requirements and expectations
  • This session can be online or over the phone
  • After the session you decide whether you want to continue working with me
  • If we both agree we make a coaching agreement
    Coaching discussions to find your own path ahead
  • My coaching is always designed to fit your personal priorities and requirements.
  • It will be one-on-one, mostly via Zoom.
  • One session typically takes about an hour and the number of sessions is usually agreed beforehand.
  • To find your own way to proceed I suggest a series of 5-6 sessions within a few months, minimum is three sessions.

Tools and exercises
• I may ask you to complete a number of exercises or use some tools. They will help you open up your thinking, define what is important to you or what you really want from the future.

Coaching is insights, goals, actions and learning

Coaching is a confidential relationship and dialogue. It is reflecting on your own thoughts and actions together with a coach. Let’s think together. Coaching is insights, setting goals, acting on them and learning on the way.

The role of the coaching client is to look into and reflect on his own actions and find solutions to problem situations. He is responsible for his own goals and decisions. The coach helps and supports in this.

The role of the coach is to listen carefully, to support and encourage, sometimes to challenge. The coach will increase the client’s awareness about his or her thinking patterns and beliefs and open up new ways and insights. A coach is neither a problem solver or advisor.

The coach will also take care of the process: to keep the schedule, to stay on topic and make sure that the goal agreed is reached.


”Koin coachauksesta selvää hyötyä etenkin siinä että opin löytämään ja sanoittamaan osaamistani ja huomaamaan onnistumiskokemuksia työhistoriasta…”